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    This alumina ceramic burr used in varity of oily spice grinder, spice mill, pepper mill/grinder, which has good corrosion resistance, high operating temperature, good mechanical characteristics, high wear resistance, high hardness, high thermal shock resistance.
    Small part-size and large part size capability.
    Perfect metallized-seal strength and hermeticity.
    Consistent performance with all common braze alloys.
    Custom Metallized ceramic in aluminum oxide ceramics prototype to high volume production capacity.
    Product advantages
    1. Fast鈥擥iving a good speed to power ratio to allow rapid grinding at all coarseness levels…no one, it seems appreciates a slow grinder.
    2. Consistent鈥擯roducing uniform particle size through the range with incremental stepless burr adjustment.
    3. Convenient鈥擟hanging grind settings should be direct and understandable, not to mention repeatable.
    4. Maintainable鈥擳he grinder should be easily taken apart for cleaning.
    5. Durable鈥擧and built to last and not a use it and toss it item.
    Our Service
    We are specialized advanced technical ceramics manufacturer, who have founded 10 years. The quality and service of the products are guaranteed.
    We provide customized parts according to user’s requirement. We produce and process non-standard components to satisfy the customer’s need.
    Pre-sale service: Professional technical persons will choose suitable materials for you due to using environment about the ceramic parts.Alumina Ceramic suppliers