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    We have the gallon warer bottleing machine which is used to work for 5 gallon bottle or 3 gallon bottle. There are several types of 5 gallon filling machine for choices including: 100-200BPH, 300BPH, 450BPH, 600BPH, 900BPH, 1200BPH etc;
    1. The 5 gallon water bottling machine is composed of barrel washer, Barrel Drinking Water Filling Machine and barrel sealer.
    2. Especially for filling drinking water of 3 and 5 gallons. It is an idea filling line to produce mineral water, distilled water and purified water.
    3. The whole 5 gallon water bottling machine is made of superior stainless steel, anticorrosive and easy to clean.
    4. Only two operators are needed for a line, which is wholly automatic barreled
    5. Full-auto or semi-auto barrel de-capper, full-auto leakage inspection, full-auto barrel outside brusher, full-auto barrel loading machine, steam shrinking film machine and coding system can be choose depends on what customer’s need.
    Main equipment items of the 3/5 Gallon Water Bottling line:
    1. Automatic two heads de-capping machine
    2. Automatic rotate barrel outside brushing machine
    3. Automatic barrel loading system
    4. Automatic barrel washing machine
    5. Automatic rotate 2-in-1 3/5 Gallon Machine
    6. Automatic cap washing and loading system
    7. Sleeve label machine with shrinking tunnel
    8. Automatic barrel palletizer machine
    9. Conveyor system
    Take note: We offer customized services according to your Gallon-Water Filling Machine