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    Wuxi Shuo Ding Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. It鈥橲 a collection of research and development, design, production, sales and service as one of the printing machinery and equipment professional supplier.
    At present, the main products are: oval printing machine, piece-cloth printing machine, cutting printing machine, umbrella printing machine and other three categories of more than a dozen models, which are widely serving the garment, umbrella, luggage, shoe materials and other industries of printing processing enterprises.
    Products are sold all over the country, exported overseas, the Philippines, north Korea, Myanmar,Malaysia and Africa and other regions.
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    Product Details
    Oval printing combined with digital: the innovative design of oval printing machine can be combined with digital printing machine, which widens the richness and diversity of printing colors.
    Combination of handprint and machine printing: the old screen frame or handprint screen frame can be available. The combination of manual printing and machine printing is more convenient for manual turn cloth and padding cloth in small quantities.
    Our Product
    Printing on cloth pcs,T-shirt, paper,PVC.
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