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    Monday nights in Seattle seem to be a magnet for officiating controversies.The Fail Mary game is 2012 against Green Bay Will Dissly Jersey , K.J. Wright‘s illegal batting of a ball out of the end zone against Detroit in 2015, Richard Sherman‘s non-roughing the kicker against Buffalo in 2016 and Bobby Wagner‘s illegal leap to block a field goal try against Minnesota in 2018 all have come on Monday night.And yes, Wagner’s blocked field goal against the Vikings was an illegal play.With the Seahawks holding a 6-0 lead with 5:46 left to play, Wagner leaped over Vikings linemen Danny Isidora and Rashod Hill to block the 47-yard field goal try. While Wagner’s block was legal in that he leaped from the line of scrimmage without a running start from the second level, the fact that he placed his hands on the shoulders of linemen Shamar Stephen and Jarran Reed to help aid his leverage to clear the line was not.The rule book states the following aspect as being illegal: “Placing a hand or hands on a teammate or opponent to gain additional height to block or attempt to block an opponent’s kick or apparent kick, or in an attempt to jump through a gap to block an opponent’s kick or apparent kick.” NBC rules analyst and former head referee Terry McAulay said the play was an illegal one as well.Wagner made it clear they knew you could leap over the line from a spot on the defensive line of scrimmage.“We know the rule change where you can’t run and block the field goal, but if you start on the line you can go and block the field goal,” Wagner said. “If they were ever on the right hash, we were going to call it. It just so happened to be in the fourth quarter around five minutes (to play) that they were on the right hash. You can’t jump over the center but if you got hops you can make it over anybody.”As far as whether he leveraged himself off his teammates in order to clear the line, Wagner said it’s not on him to make that call.“That’s really up for them (the officials) to decide. It’s not really on me,” he said. “Even last time when I jumped over last time they said it was legal. But I think not a lot of people are aware of the rules and aware of the changes. So there’s a loop-hole in there where if you start on the line you can jump over. I’m not stressing about that. I made the play. They called what they called. There’s times in games where things happen all the time so I’m not stressing on it. It was a big block. We’re going to definitely take it and it was amazing.”Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said he wasn’t sure what happened on the kick.“I don’t know Kam Chancellor Jersey ,” he said. “They didn’t tell me. I just asked if I could challenge and they said no.“Quite honestly, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see what happened. I was told what happened, but I don’t know. You’re not supposed to be able to pull guys down if that’s what they did.”The penalty would have been a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which would have given the Vikings a first down at Seattle’s 14 1/2-yard line with half the distance to the goal enforced. Instead, Russell Wilson scrambled for 40 yards two plays later and Chris Carson scored on a 2-yard carry to push the Seahawks’ lead to 14-0 with three minutes to play.A flag was thrown initially by the umpire as it appeared he believed the jump over the line came from depth, which would have been illegal as well. However, head referee Brad Allen said it was a legal jump over due to it coming from the line of scrimmage. The leveraging by Wagner on the play was the aspect seemingly missed.Wagner had previously jumped over the center to block a Chandler Catanzaro kick against the Arizona Cardinals in 2016. Though that maneuver would be illegal today, he cleanly hurdled the long snap to make that block.Wagner said they practiced this specific block play four times in practice this week and his legs didn’t have quite as much life in them when he was called upon 55 minutes into Monday night’s contest.“You didn’t expect to get that many plays before you try to jump over the pile so when I did it in practice I was pretty fresh,” Wagner said. “But in the fourth quarter with five minutes left after all the games we’ve played I was just making sure I got over and didn’t fall because I’m pretty sure you guys would have caught it.” Take it for what you will, but gambling site has set the odds for Russell Wilson to sign a contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks before his self-imposed April 15 deadline at…”WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections VideosCoffee and CigarettesGame AnalysisThe Numbers GameCigar ThoughtsRussell Wilson odds of signing before deadline set fairly highNew,22commentsPDTShareTweetShareShareRussell Wilson odds of signing before deadline set fairly highShane Roper-USA TODAY SportsTake it for what you will Doug Baldwin Jersey , but gambling site has set the odds for Russell Wilson to sign a contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks before his self-imposed April 15 deadline at 62.5%. They’ve also set an over/under of $175 million. I think that I would safely take the under.The only reason for that being that Wilson’s last contract was only for four years and around $88 million. Wilson’s baseball-based agent Mark Rodgers favored getting his client back into free agency sooner (which is almost where we stand as that deal is set to expire after the 2019 season) over more years and the Seahawks were cool with that also. Now approaching 31, Wilson could sign a five-year deal and open negotiations again around 2023 when he’ll be going towards 35 and have room to negotiate yet another mega-deal.And by then, the going rate for a quarterback could be north of $40 million per season. Who knows what the next CBA will look like — perhaps another reason for Wilson’s camp to go shorter rather than longer. But the highest-paid quarterback in 2012 was Peyton Manning at $18 million. The highest in 2019 is set to be Matthew Stafford at almost $30 million. That’s a $12 million increase in seven years, so another $10 million increase in four years seems reasonable to assume especially given rising caps, revenue, and a higher demand from agents and players to set new benchmarks with each deal.So if it is a five-year contract for Wilson, even with a $30 million AAV, that’s $150 million. If it’s a $34 million AAV, topping Aaron Rodgers’ $33.5, that’s $170 million. The real question: five years or six? I’m not seeing many six-year deals. I’m also not seeing a team concede on both the AAV and the total number of years, unless they needed some tag-on years to push some money away from 2019-2021 as they look to extend Frank Clark Rashaad Penny Jersey , Bobby Wagner, and Jarran Reed.Will Wilson sign before April 15? The 62.5% odds seem kind of reasonable to me, but it is pure speculation with nothing more than circumstantial evidence and gut. It behooves both camps to finish this now. A five-year, $155 million deal would set a record for total value. A four-year, $135 million deal would set a record in annual value. A six-year, $176 million deal, doesn’t make much sense to me.But if the odds of it happening within the next 11 days are correct, we will find out soon.

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