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    Religions have been against each other for a long time. Many wars have been fought in the past in the name of faith. Millions of people died or suffered due to joint clashes and devout unfairness. Although faiths preach peace they have been guilty for large scale cruelty. In the past faiths had no outside war or threat from other faiths that battled with them. The rulers are who skillful them and wanted to enforce their will upon people. Make the pledge to do one daily act of kindness. Put it in your day timer along with all your other goals and track it to end. Neither science nor viewpoint challenged their dominance. They are thrilling power over entire peoples. People feared God’s law and the cost of sin. Thus they hold to god’s laws upon earth and to moral. The good are conduct to avoid divine revenge. Here you can check out my best essay writing service to having a wonderful support for your writing.
    Religious majority was unknown in the ancient world except in Indian subcontinent and China. People in the West practiced one religion, which was the dominant faith of the region. When one more faith tried to battle with an offered one it effected in clashes. In Europe Christianity reigned as the main faith for a long time. It overcame opposition from the former native faiths such as Druidism, Paganism. Or else it is the faith of Norse people. If there was any devotes clash in most parts of Europe. But in the Middle East along with the parts of Asia where Islam reigned. The clash was between the Shias and Sunnis. Or between unlike warring tribes of Muslims who wanted to enforce their culture. The state was dissimilar in India and to some extent in China. Where people are practiced distinct faiths. And skilled religious amity as well as violence according to the position. The state remains unchanged even with the entry of Islam and Christianity into these countries.

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